Prince Harry or Grass Vader?

Just two of the names given to Husqvarna Automower® robotic mowers we’ve installed in the last few years. Of course these mowers do play a vital role in keeping lawns looking lovely every single day, so should they be rewarded with their own name? Considered to be one of the family?

You might have one Automower®, going about its business alone, or two (or more) working as a team to save you time, make your grass more lush and give you a great looking lawn every day? Should they get a name then?

Should you name your robots so you feel more closely connected to them, or just so that you know which member of the team you’re referring to when they need to be serviced or moved?

Having installed a gazillion of these machines now, we have become totally immersed in the great array of names used by our customers. The names vary enormously, of course, from upstanding human examples like twins Algernon and Gwendoline, to that sci-fi Star Wars take-off in the form of Grass Vader.

In between there are flowers like the twin robots Buttercup and Daisy, more down-to-earth human names like Malcolm and Derek and names referring to the areas looked after, like Paul for the pool area, and his twin Courtney who looks after the courtyard area.

There are more twins like Bob and Babs, Ben and Sophia, Number 5 and Oloh (yes Oloh). There is Prince Harry, Mowgli and Diego (after Maradona of course). There is Buddy, Kitt, Mo and Monty.

Rob is also on the list, with Bobby, Lorna and Percy. There is Husky because … well you can guess that one. And it’s no surprise that after the year we’ve all just had, there’s another one called Zoom!

Amazingly we only have one duplicate name so far – Morris. Unexpected?

So the big question: What would you name yours?