Five Areas of Grass, One Automower®

Homeowner Andrew Burton knew that his garden would pose a challenge for Automower® and wondered if it would even be possible to go ahead with an installation.

With several different areas of grass on different levels and separated by hedges, a stone gravel path and wooden retaining sleepers, we certainly wondered how many robotic mowers might be needed.

It was a great test for us to see what solutions we could come up with and the result was unexpected: one Automower® 430X was enough to manage all five areas of grass, saving a good deal of expense!

We constructed ramps to connect four of the areas, and carefully constructed “holes” through a hedge to allow access to the fifth area of open and fairly rough terrain furthest from the house.

Andrew was very happy, not only that it all worked, but that he would get some time back from the mowing he no longer has to do!

Thanks for giving us the challenge Andrew and we hope you enjoy all your extra spare time.