RTM Landscapes offers accurate and responsible herbicide application using Nomix Total Droplet Control (TDC), a unique, low volume herbicide application system. TDC combines pre-mixed, highly effective herbicides with easy to use, targeted application, overcoming the shortfalls of the traditional boom spray, which carries a greater risk of spray drift from the mist it creates.

TDC oil-emulsion formulations stick to the leaf and easily penetrate the waxy surface, allowing the active ingredients to move within the plant to deliver highly effective control of weeds. TDC delivers a constant, uniform droplet size and spray pattern, significantly reducing run-off and virtually eliminating spray drift. Also the system is sealed, eliminating any risk to the operator from contact with the herbicide. As there is no mixing of herbicides required, there is no risk of spillages causing environmental contamination.

All of these factors make TDC safer for operators, bystanders, animals, the environment, water courses and surrounding desired vegetation.

Nomix Total Droplet Control (TDC) herbicides are white in colour to allow the operator to see where it has been applied, avoiding overdosing. It is also “rainfast” within an hour, compared to 4-6 hours for conventional herbicides. It is the ideal solution for targeted weed control on footpaths and other hard surfaces, giving you complete peace of mind that you are compliant with weed control legislation.

Covers 20 times the area

One 5 litre backpack of Nomix TDC herbicide will, on average, cover around 20 x the area of 5 litres of conventional mixed glyphosate, as applied through a knapsack.* Also a Nomix TDC 5 litre backpack weighs 75% less than a 20 litre knapsack used for conventional herbicides, reducing operator fatigue. In addition, the operator has to fill a traditional tank up to five times per day, losing time from the task of spraying.

As well as having pedestrian TDC applicators for less accessible areas, however, we are pleased to be using the Nomix Genesis, a compact tractor-mounted system, allowing us to cover five times as much ground in a day. 90% of areas can be treated with the Genesis.

Our herbicide team all hold the necessary City & Guilds Land Based Services (formerly NPTC) qualifications and have been personally trained by the Nomix Enviro team. We have chosen to work with Nomix Enviro as they are the only company to supply quality, pre-mixed chemicals.

*typically using 5L Nomix Hilite applied at 10L/ha compared to 5L mixed 360gm/L Glyphosate in a 20L knapsack.

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