Greener, Quieter and Safer Work with New Battery Kit

With the need for all of us to reduce our carbon footprint as quickly as we can, we were delighted to take delivery of 7 new, battery-operated tools last week. With no direct emissions, this equipment sets us well and truly on the path to a more environmentally friendly landscape management service.

The range of Husqvarna blowers, chainsaws, brushcutter and hedge trimmer allow us to start moving away from machinery that runs on fossil fuels, a move which is really important for us as well as our clients. 

The tools actually provide additional benefits, however, including very low noise levels, so we can work in the most public of settings and throughout the day. The requirement to schedule work carefully near classrooms and offices is reduced considerably, as well as in parks and estates where users prefer a peaceful environment.

Our operators also benefit directly, partly from the more relaxed working environment as there’s a lot less noise. There’s less vibration too, which is really important for the health and well being of our team.

Hand tools aside, the industry has a long way to go in producing battery-operated equivalents to replace all the petrol and diesel models for ride-on mowers, shredders and more. In the meantime we’re choosing those machines with modern fuel management systems and clean burn engines when replacing older models. These engines produce much lower emissions and are at least sympathetic to the environment.

Of course there is a very good range of robotic mowers already, all battery-operated and with a very well proven track record for time saving, giving a freshly cut look everyday and zero emissions. 

Progress is being made!