An easy ride for Snoopy!

An easy ride for Snoopy!

Our first installation of 2022 was in a garden absolutely made for Automower®! With flagstones sunk to the same level as the grass and separating the lawn from all the borders and trees, Automower® can reach every blade of grass.

The beauty of reaching every blade of grass is that there are no obstacles like walls and fences, and so no strimming will be required around the edges.

Easily handling up to 1,000m2, this village garden was the perfect size for Automower® 310, although this model does not automatically come with a smartphone app.  Since Gwen and Bill wanted to manage their robotic mower from anywhere, we retro-fitted Automower® Connect. Now they can see where Snoopy is at any time, adjust the mowing schedule and cutting height, as well as control the weather timer, all remotely.

They said

“Snoopy is working well and causing great interest in the village, mainly from people out walking their dogs.  Also our grass is well on the way to  being called a LAWN!!  Fancy that.”

A great installation all round and we wish Gwen and Bill a more relaxing summer ahead with no mowing to be done!