COVID-19 Update

In light of the most recent developments around Coronavirus (COVID-19) we would like to assure that any transition to our working will not currently affect our service to our clients.

Given that we have no real interaction with members of the public, until advised otherwise, we are carrying on with our services. We will be where we possibly can, keeping to the schedules sent out,  but there may be some slight interruption if any of our staff have to self isolate.  There also may be times when we have to work weekends to ensure we keep on top of the work. 

We have taken the time to educate each member of staff internally, and closely follow the detailed health instructions from GOV.UK –    and as well all individuals using their own vans, so no buddying up, and observing the safe distance rule when together (usually in pairs).

Whilst we continue to work as normal, we are applying every health and safety measure recommended, with a view to preventing the spread of this contagious disease. We also hope that you, your teams, family and friends are safe and well, and embracing the required plans for this time of uncertainty and constant change.We will take the time to communicate with all of our customers if there is a change in our current situation either through Government led change or staff shortages meaning we are unable to deliver the service in its entirety.  Keep safe and well. Warm regards Tan