Aragorn helps keep our children playing safely

Aragorn Wall has completed his Operational Playground Inspection Course and can now do his bit to help us keep children safer whilst enjoying the great outdoors!

His training, through the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA), allows him to carry out monthly, 6-monthly and post-installation inspections and he can’t wait to get started.

We have such a wealth of playgrounds and play areas now compared to 30 years ago, and also a good mix of materials used in their construction, all adding different colours, textures and variety to the experience.

Some of the work to provide regular inspections for these great play settings is common sense:

• Plastic – has it discoloured, become brittle and liable to snap?
• Metal – has it fatigued, rotted or become too worn and is liable to break or cause cuts?
• Wood – has it rotted or cracked and become liable to break or cause splinters?

Some of the work is not quite so obvious and involves checking the safety of every element of “furniture” within and surrounding the full perimeter of the play area. This could include:

• Gates – do they open and close safely?
• Fencing – is it in good condition and sturdy?
• Planting – are there any poisonous berries, sharp thorns or dangerous branches overhanging?
• Surfacing – does it follow guidelines for impact absorbency, are there any worn patches or gaps that could be dangerous?
• Pathways – are they worn or cracked?
• Stone – has it become too covered in moss and is slippery?
• Seating – is it still safe to use?

Regular inspections are certainly very helpful in preventing accidents as well as any subsequent liability claims, because records of best practice can be demonstrated to the Courts.

Aside from the safety element, Aragorn enjoyed learning more about the benefits of play that he hadn’t considered before, despite taking his own kids to the park many times! He said

“It was really surprising to understand just how much children learn from using the equipment. It helps kids to understand risk, to improve dexterity, balance and decision-making skills and to push their own ability in a safe environment.

They get physical exercise and fresh air without even realising, which is so important when you consider how many hours can be spent in front of screens now. We probably take our play areas for granted because they’re local and so they really are one of the most underrated activities our kids can enjoy … for free!

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