Complex Installation for Automower® 430X

Andrew Clifford’s garden is not vast and yet is filled with many narrow corridors, obstacles and hazards that made his Automower® 430X installation one of the most complex we’ve carried out.

There are a couple of areas that flood frequently and so mowing has to stop there on an intermittent basis. To achieve this, switches had to be put in, allowing Andrew to prevent “Ermintrude” from entering those sections when the ground is too wet, whilst at the same time allowing her to continue mowing all the way round the outside of them.

Creating boundaries around obstacles like trees and bushes is easy to do and there are many such obstacles in Andrew’s garden, including sheds,  play equipment, a bamboo hedge, a vegetable garden and even a tortoise house!

One hedge in particular has a narrow 50cm ditch all the way around, which could damage Ermintrude if she fell in and would certainly stop her mowing. To keep her safe the boundary wire had to be installed at just the right distance.

In addition, guide wires are used with Automower® so the robot can find the quickest way back to it’s charging station when the battery is starting to run low. For Andrew’s garden it was quite a task to instal these guide wires in such a way that they wouldn’t interfere with the many boundary wires, obstacle “island” wires and the switch wires around the flood areas. 

So a complex installation. All is working very well however and Andrew said:

I’m delighted with Ermintrude and I’m looking forward to working her to manage and maintain my lovely garden.

Do you think your garden is too complex for Automower®? Get in touch and we’ll see what can be done.