Wild flower meadows returning to West Bletchley

Yes! Not only will these meadows give us a wonderful summer display of a huge variety of wildflowers in Chepstow Park next year, they will also provide a fantastic wildlife habitat and food supply for bees, butterflies, birds, bats, beetles and more.

Aside from feeding themselves, we all know these pollinator creatures also allow plants to fruit, set seed and breed, providing food and habitat for another range of creatures. 

It doesn’t look much yet of course! Having marked out 4 sections next to the pond, we cut the grass right down to ground level and rotovated each section to prepare them for the wildflower seeds planting.

Thousands of seeds from 26 species were then planted across the 4 sections, including 24 from the Royal Horticultural Society’s special Plants for Pollinators list, including cornflower, Purple Loosestrife, Yellow Rattle, Borage and Sainfoin. These flowers are packed with pollen and nectar and provide plenty of food for all our pollinators.

Now we can’t wait to see the results next year!

If you want to help reverse the decline of pollinators by making a difference in your own garden, look out for the RHS Plants for Pollinators logo when choosing suitable plants as it’s only given to plants that support pollinating insects. Find out more.