Hibernation and your Automower®!

Did you think only our wonderful wildlife like hedgehogs, tortoises and dormice needed to hibernate through the winter months?

Your hard working Automower® also needs protection from the cold and damp at this time of year to increase the life of the machine. 

It’s best to get it serviced first so that diagnostic tests and software upgrades can be carried out. Although servicing is required in order to qualify for the warranty on offer, it’s sensible to keep your robotic mower up to date regardless, replace worn parts like blades and detect any possible issues that could cause a problem in the spring. It will be cleaned too – always a bonus!

We’re right in the middle of all this servicing for our clients and really enjoy bringing the machines together over a couple of weeks to give them a little TLC. With over 70 robots to collect, service and return, it’s quite an operation.

Then it’s time for hibernation! Your clean Automower® will need to be kept in a dry environment above freezing until the grass growing season returns. If your garage doesn’t get too cold, it might work to keep it in there. Otherwise you may need to find a slot in the house to ensure you can maintain a temperature above zero. One of our clients has a special duvet which she wraps her Automower in for the winter!

When spring finally arrives your Automower® will be ready to go to work once more, saving you loads of mowing time, keeping your grass more lush and giving your lawn that fresh cut look everyday.