Playground Inspection Services

RTM Landscapes are pleased to offer a complete range of playground inspection services to keep your play areas safe and well maintained in accordance with the following BS Standards:

  • BS EN 1176/7: 2008. Playground Equipment and Safer Surfacing.
  • BS EN 14974:2006. Facilities for users of Roller Sports Facilities (Skate/BMX).
  • BS EN 15312:2007 Free Access Multi-Sport Equipment (MUGA’s-Multi-Use Games Areas).
  • BS EN BS 10075:2013 Specification for Parkour (aka Free Running).
  • BS EN 16630:2015 Permanently installed Outdoor Gym/Fitness Equipment

Regular playground inspections carried out in accordance with these standards are very important in preventing accidents, as well as any subsequent liability claims, because records of best practice and due diligence can be demonstrated to the Courts.

Some of the work to provide regular inspections is common sense:

• Plastic – has it discoloured, become brittle and liable to snap?
• Metal – has it fatigued, rotted or become too worn and is liable to break or cause cuts?
• Wood – has it rotted or cracked and become liable to break or cause splinters?
Some of the work is not quite so obvious and involves checking the safety of every element of “furniture” within and surrounding the full perimeter of the play area. This could include:

• Gates – do they open and close safely?
• Fencing – is it in good condition and sturdy?
• Planting – are there any poisonous berries, sharp thorns or dangerous branches overhanging?
• Surfacing – does it follow guidelines for impact absorbency, are there any worn patches or gaps that could be dangerous?
• Pathways – are they worn or cracked?
• Stone – has it become too covered in moss and is slippery?
• Seating – is it still safe to use?

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