Playground Inspection Services

RTM Landscapes are pleased to offer a complete range of playground inspection services to keep your play areas safe and well maintained in accordance with the following BS Standards:

  • BS EN 1176/7: 2008. Playground Equipment and Safer Surfacing.
  • BS EN 14974:2006. Facilities for users of Roller Sports Facilities (Skate/BMX).
  • BS EN 15312:2007 Free Access Multi-Sport Equipment (MUGA’s-Multi-Use Games Areas).
  • BS EN BS 10075:2013 Specification for Parkour (aka Free Running).
  • BS EN 16630:2015 Permanently installed Outdoor Gym/Fitness Equipment

By ensuring that regular playground inspections are carried out in accordance with these standards, owners and managers of outdoor play areas can be confident that they’re meeting their ethical obligation to protect users of their equipment. Should an unfortunate accident occur and a compensation claim is made against a site operator/owner, the Courts can be shown that due diligence and best practice has been implemented.

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With over 15 years’ experience, our Registered and Certified Register of Play Inspectors International (RPII) Inspector is competent in carrying out all aspects of Annual, Post Installation, Post Accident Inspections. In addition to this vast experience, through a series of examinations and re-assessment every 3 years through RPII, this knowledge is continually updated and enhanced.

The Register of Play Inspectors International (RPII) is the official UK body for examining, accrediting and certificating inflatable, indoor and outdoor play inspectors.

All of the registered inspectors have to meet very high standards for assessing children’s play areas and equipment and have to adhere to:

  • Relevant insurance cover as follows:
    • Public Liability – £5,000,000.00 (minimum)
    • Professional Indemnity Insurance – £500,000.00 (minimum)
  • Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check